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  • LED

    Laser technology had been used in LED industry for few years ago, and it Mainly applied in scribing and grooving of monocrystalline solar cell, polycrystalline solar cell and silicon wafer; besides, it also can be applied to cut various fragile products, some flexible metals and non-metallic sheets.
  • Industrie électronique

    Two dimension code that are marked by lasers are exact representations of computer-designed graphics. Any computer graphic that is compatible with our software can be reproduced on the designated surface. Therefore, the functionality of the software determines the systems performance. It is widely used in Electronic industry.
  • Système demonstration laser

    When fixed atop a building, the Pharos laser emits a strong green laser beam highly visible at night. The system can emit parallel beams, revolving beams, and furthermore can change the beam direction rhythmically turning the building into a dazzling pharos and scenic spot for the whole city.
  • Industrie de mesure

    Laser measurement adopted the newest laser technology in the world, use the laser measurement can improve the precision of the production, reduce the waste of materials and improve the efficient.
  • Gravure reserve d’eau

    Sub-Surface Engraver is an important application of laser technology. Hans sub-surface engraver is equipped with a flying light path structure. It is used for large crystal and glass sub-engraving. Once processed, the crystal or glass becomes a valuable artistic collectable. At present, it is the only domestic machine available that can engrave crystal or glass of the size that it can. The engraving software can export special plane rilievo effect..
  • Marquage au vol

    Laser Coding System is the hi-tech product specially designed for dynamic coding marking. Laser coding system can mark on PVC, PET, rubber, paper, glass, metal and other materials with accurate, clear and permanent marking effect. No consumables are needed during marking process. Laser coding system is safe, environmental friendly and maintenance free.