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  • Série WF

    WF series adopts current feedback technology, and its laser is transmitted through optical fiber. WF series can be applied to spot welding, butt-welding, seal welding and so on. It can perform welding on multiple planes or spots simultaneously. WF Laser Welder series has the advantages of excellent beam quality, uniform and small facular, reliable and stable welding quality, easy to install and move.
  • Série PB

    PB series adopts power feedback method, which significantly improved energy stability comparing with traditional current feedback. PB Laser Welder series does not have power decay due to power feedback technology. This series has the advantage of high depth-to-width ratio, small welding seam, small heat-affected zone, little thermal distortion, and high welding speed.
  • Série WFD

    Plastic laser welder series use semiconductor laser and implements welding through fiber transmission. Plastic laser welder series is widely used in plastic parts in the industry of electronic, automobile, computer, communication, medical treatment, aerospace and etc. High-power semiconductor laser welding is a quick, effective and clean welding method. Continuous laser welding is widely used in circuit board manufacturing. Solder is used to weld PIN electronic components on circuit board, with the advantage of high efficiency and fin welding spot
  • Soudage par points

    Laser spot welder series is mainly used in hole-filling of gold and silver ornaments, spot welding, joint repairing and flaw setting. Laser spot welder series has the advantages of small heat affect zone, adjustable welding spot, fine and smooth welding effect, accurate in positioning, high welding speed, good welding quality, and environmental friendly. Applicable materials include gold, sliver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, and other metals and alloys. Laser spot welder series is widely applied to repair holes of denture, weld nickel strip of battery, IC lead hairspring, kinescope and electronic gun.
  • Soudage pour réparation de mou

    Laser mold repair welder series concentrates high energy to weld broken parts of the mold. Sand holes, cracks, worn borders, broken corners and others tiny parts of components can be effectively repaired by this series. It has the advantage of small welding spot and heat affect zone, and no bubble, sinking, thermal strain and structure changes. Laser mold repair welder series is widely used in mold manufacturing and molding industry, such as mobile phone, digital products, toy, automobile and motorcycle welding.
  • FP

    Under the control of laser control system, the fiber laser generates laser beams with wavelength of 1070nm which, after being coupled and focused and then transmitted to the welding station by optical fiber, carries out welding tasks on multiple surfaces or spots. FP150 Laser Welder is easy to install and move and with characteristics of stable single-spot energy and good beam quality. In addition, optical fiber transmission effectively restrains focal plane floating resulting from beam mode change (change of beam mode is caused by thermal lens effect of the laser), thereby enhancing stability of welding quality and improving welding seam quality.
  • Série WFF

    WFF series is the latest technology which widely used in automobile component, aerospace, mechanical hardware and home appliance components industry etc.